Meet a scientist
Photo: Jan Holmgård

At Spaceship Aurora you can meet a scientist in order to get to know the wonderful science behind the Aurora. We can offer:

  • Guided tour with the scientist. Talk, ask, and find out.
  • "Pecha Kucha" in the Spaceship with subsequent Q&A session.
  • In-house presentation (15, 30, 45 or 90 minutes). Please see the list of available talks.
  • Spaceship on the road. Invite the scientist to your event.

Alexander Biebricher, Ph.D., is a scientist who now works as physicist and Chief Science Officer at the visitor-educational center Spaceship Aurora at Andøya Space Center in Northern Norway. (ENG/GER/NOR)

His background lies in atmospheric and space physics with studies in Tübingen in Germany as well as Oslo and Tromsø in Norway. After around 10 years in research, he turned his attention to science communication in 2011. Since then, he has worked with "children of all ages" and all levels of knowledge to spread the word about science and scientific thought as they relate to space and space exploration.

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