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Spaceship Aurora will be closed between 24th Februar and middle of February 2019. Read more below.




Spaceship Aurora is going through an exciting makeover. We will expand the visitor center and expand our product line during the coming year. Among other things, we will set up a new mission, a new and expanded shop / cafe area, and we will also have a second floor in our exhibition area with new and exciting content.

Join us on a journey into the Northern Lights!

At Andøya Space Center in Vesterålen you can take part in an exciting mission, explore the Northern Lights and learn about space travel with Spaceship Aurora!

Andøya Space Center - Spaceship Aurora

Scince 1962, Andøya Space Center has launched over 1000 scientific rockets into space from Andøya, Norway. As Europe's only operating space center, we offer services to organizations like NASA (American Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency).

Spaceship Aurora is the visitor-educational and activity center linked to Andøya Space Center. At Spaceship Aurora you can experience a virtual trip into space, learn more about / get to know more about the Northern Lights, get more knowledge of the origin and effect on our planet, and how the Northern lights are reflected in Norwegian history and culture. You will take part in scientific experiments, launch virtual probes and get an impression of how the day-to-day life is like at a Space Center. The Spaceship offers activities for all age groups. We can also offer fun souvenirs at our Space Shop.

Mission "Solarstorm" with Spaceship Aurora

What happens when a solar storm hits Earth? Join our Mission Commander in a scientific mission into space exploring the northern lights and the solar storms inpact on earth. The spaceship needs a highly competent crew of resarchers, engineers and pilots to collect data from space, in this virtual trip. (ENG/NOR)

Northern Lights Film and Exhibitions

In our auditorium, we show a widescreen film about the Northern Lights and research history up to the present day. The center also offers exhibitions about the Northen Lights and Norway as a space nation. (ENG/NOR)

3D-film: Unraveling the Cosmos

In our Briefingroom we can offer you active 3D-glasses and the film "Unraveling the Cosmos". The film tells the story of space exploration, and how big space probably is (And it`s BIG!). (ENG/NOR)

Meet the scientist!

At Spaceship Aurora you can meet a scientist in order to get to know the wonderful science behind the Aurora. Read more here.


   Mission Spaceship Film and exhibitions 3D-film
Adult (over 15 years) NOK 350 NOK 125 NOK 75
Children (8 - 15 years) NOK 175 NOK 50 NOK 50
Children (under 8 years) Free Free Free
Student   NOK 200 NOK 75 NOK 50
Preebooking groups over 10 persons Contact Contact Contact

Film and exhibithions are included in the "Mission with Spaceship Aurora".

Tickets can be bought at our webshop or at the door.
Tickets will be available only at the door in the off-season period of 20th August - 11th June.


Family discount: 2 adults and 3 children = 1 child for free.
Discounted tickets can not be bought in our online store - prior to ordering. Telephone +47 76 14 46 00

For preebooking and information, please send us an email:,

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